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Our presence in the custom home building milieu today is quite simply a natural evolution of our origins and experience. The founder of the company, Rocco, is a master stone mason who began building single family homes and townhouses in the 1970’s. It was his critical eye and his unwavering quality control that created the environment that inevitably would lead to the next level: custom home building.

Only in this market could his exacting standards be met. It was to be the new focus of the company to unite with clients whose interests were served by his unwillingness to compromise. He had found the niche in which he was to excel.

When his son, Tony, began his apprenticeship, he quickly learned that the lessons he was being given by his father were not to be found elsewhere. Those lessons are to this day implemented in every home we produce. The values that were taught during those early years are today the very hallmark of the company.

In the Spring of 1994, we made the decision to move operations to the Hudson St. Lazare area. Since then, we have become the undisputed leaders of innovation and quality in the area.

It was Canton Construction that was responsible for marketing the Southern Colonial homes that have become the architectural norm in the Saint Lazare area. The true originators of the standards that are expected of area homes today such as: nine foot ceilings, larger windows, extensive use of mouldings, exterior porches and shutters is none other than Canton Construction. We are also to be credited for our ability to work undesirable lots into desirable properties. Our ability to recognize the value of walk-out basements have made homes incorporating such details the most sought out properties in the area.

Canton Construction is proud of the fact that every property we have been involved with has increased in value over time. This fact provides prospective clients an invaluable tool in evaluating the “more for your dollar” attitude that we value so greatly.

It is no mistake that the company motto reads:
“Setting the standards… “
It is implied that what follows should read “…that others follow.

Those who can lead do so. Others follow. We have worked very hard driving the standards upwards in the community that we chose to live in and are very proud to be the recognized authority of custom home building in the area.

Don't just settle for the house you presume you can afford, let Canton Construction offer you the home you truly deserve.

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