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The Building Process

Custom Home Construction 101

Welcome to our guide to custom home building. The information contained within this area was accumulated from several different sources. This information, combined with the builder’s personal experience, led to a step by step approach that is designed to help the client plan and execute their own personal custom home.

Just recently, historically speaking, custom home building has become much more popular. If you don’t like existing home plans available from the many design firms that produce “off the rack” home plans, there now exists an option that was previously exclusive to very few people.

You now have the ability to create a plan especially suited for your own needs and lifestyle. The custom home revolution came about out of a desire of middle class consumers to have the same rewards that were previously enjoyed by the wealthy.

The builder who thrives in this area is one that possesses the skills that are crucial.
Custom home clients require builders who:

  • Enjoy the very best reputation
  • Delivers a home that speaks of the quality promised
  • Reacts promptly to inevitable problems
  • Are able to earn the trust of the client
  • Provide accurate cost estimates
  • Communicate clearly and precisely
  • Exhibits sound business practices

The two most important traits a builder requires are a grasp of the design process that is so important in determining the needs of the client and the ability to generate the trust that will be required during building.

This is the key to a successful project.

The Process

The first step is research. It provides all the basic information that is required for all design decisions that will lead to the finished home.

  1. The needs of the client
  2. The requirements determined by the site

The second step is the design stage. This uses the information acquired from the first step in order to create the design.

  1. Floor plan creation
  2. Exterior creation

This site will guide you through both these steps. We will gather the information through the research portion of the process. This information will then be used in an example of how this process actually works through the design portion. Of course, this process is quite a bit more involved but we simplify it for the example at hand.

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