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Building Process / Exterior Development

External Style and Appearance

Once the buyer has determined the characteristics and importance of each of these areas it is time to combine them in a layout. The layout should allow for the easy flow between areas that is so important.

There is virtually no limit to what can be achieved in today’s reality. What we could not have been comprehended a short while ago is easily done today. This allows the buyer unbelievable flexibility in designing the exterior of the home.

Today’s technology allows us to place virtually any façade on any layout without compromising much of either aspect. Regardless of the layout, it is usually possible to apply any given style to a façade.

The character of the home is defined by its external style and appearance. If the style of the home is French Provincial then the materials used to finish the exterior should lend support to that style. Use of arched windows and stucco with sweeping rooflines for example will help create the look that the buyer is looking for.

There are far too many styles and far too many time periods to choose from to adequately analyse on this site. If a buyer would like a two-story, French, 18th century, Victorian, Classic cottage he more than likely would know it without having to determine it here on this site.

For the sake of attributing an exterior to the layout that the buyer has developed we shall concentrate solely on the materials available.

Once the material has been selected, there remain many features that are very important.

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